The company

The BEQ GmbH is a young company based in Roding offering testing services. The company was founded by Sacha Baierl in October 2017 and as of May 2018 is offering testing services among other things for manufacturing and coating companies. We are specialists in automatized measuring, checking and sorting of precision components in small batch and large-scale production (contract measuring). In many industrial lines a quality of 100% is more often required. It is our aim to support you to achieve 100% quality in a cost effective and efficient way.With our expertise gained over many years in the production of quality components and our know-how of measuring and sorting systems we can provide an efficient and low cost checking procedure for you. We can offer fully automized measuring and sorting systems capable of simultanously measuring complex inner and outer geometies. We measure and sort position stable turned parts according to the length, diameter, burs and swarf, drilled holes, chamfers, geometrical tolerances.