Automatized measuring and sorting of precision parts in middle batch and large-scale production.


We take care for quality

The BEQ GmbH is a young company based in Roding offering testing services. The company was founded by Sacha Baierl in October 2017 and is offering testing services among other things for manufacturing and coating companies.


We are specialists in automatized measuring, checking and sorting of precision components in small batch and large-scale production (contract measuring).

As we manage to check up to 6 parts per second, your company will be able to save costs as well as having a more precise process than manual checking.

Know-how in production and quality

In many industrial lines a quality of 100% is more often required.

It is our aim to support you to achieve 100% quality in a cost effective and efficient way.



What is BEQ

The surest foundation of a manufacturing concern is quality. After that, and a long way after, comes cost.

Andrew Carnegie
US-americain big industriallist

We do care about goals

It is more and more important in a lot of industries to have zero faults. We are specialized in


Maschine von Baierl Efficient Quality

High quality standards and permanent cost pressure are part of the automotive industry. By using our automized checking systems we can make sure that you reach that goal in a cost effective and efficient way.

Nahaufnahme der Kameras in der Maschine von Baierl Efficient Quality
Medical engineering

In medical engineering high quality products which are very precise and 100% correct are essential. We can support you with that in a cost efficient and efficient way.

Einspeisung der Produkte in die Maschine von Baierl Efficient Quality

The industry of electrotechnology and electronic engineering is one of the most important industries in Germany and requires high end products. All the components whether they are punched parts, bent components or seals need to be up to specification. We measure, check and sort your components to guarantee a problem-free production/smooth production.

Einspeisung der Produkte in die Maschine von Baierl Efficient Quality
heat technology and sanitary

All the products of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology need to be of high quality. The dimensional accuracy is indispensable in function and safety related features. We measure, check and sort your products in an efficient and economic way.

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