Terms of service

1. Scope

These general terms and conditions apply to entrepreneurs within the meaning of § 14 BGB. We render all our services exclusively subject to these terms and conditions. Deviating or contradictory conditions shall only be accepted if expressly agreed in writing.

2. Subject of the contract

Unless otherwise agreed, the subject of the contract is the performance of an opto-electronic inspection of the parts provided by the client. Not the subject of the contract is a 100% error-free. The customer is responsible in the sense of the ProdHaftG for the accuracy of its parts. The contractor will check the parts in a coordinated manner. It should be noted that this is mainly a static inspection of the parts. The order is processed without defects if a mean residual level of deviations of not more than 50 ppm is maintained. Decisive for the scope of the examination are the drawings provided by the client, in particular the tolerances specified therein. The client undertakes to provide only parts that are free of oil, grease, dirt, chips and other contaminants. If the delivered parts do not meet these specifications, the client has to reimburse us for any resulting damages. If the customer incurs damages, the liability for this is excluded.

3. Prices and payment

Decisive are the prices and payment dates stated in the offer. 

4. Delivery

The client has the parts free of charge and in the under no. 2 state to be delivered. Deliveries to and from the customer are at the expense and risk of the client. This also applies if we select the transport person in the individual case. If we select the shipping method, the way or the shipping person, we are liable only for gross negligence in the selection concerned.

5. Delivery delay

The assertion of a delay damage is limited to cases of gross negligence. In case of slight negligence, our liability for damages for delay is limited to compensation for each completed week of default of 0.5%, up to a maximum of 5% of the price for the part of the delivery which could not be used expediently due to the delay. Withdrawal by the client is only permissible in the case of default of delivery if the client has not only declared us a reasonable period of grace but also a threat of rejection.

6. Warranty / Limitation of Liability / Damages

The warranty is governed by statutory regulations. We detent just for intent and rough negligence. For slight negligence we are liable only if it comes to the violation of essential contractual obligations, which result from the nature of the contract